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JT Hellcat Conversion Kit
JT Hellcat Conversion Kit
Our Price: $58,500.00
This all-inclusive kit has everything you need to fully convert your Jeep Gladiator JT into a Hellcat powered monster!

  • Hellcat Crate Engine
  • Hellcat Heavy Duty Transmission Package
  • Hellcat Accessory Drive
  • Hellcat Air Conditioning w/ Mandrel Bent Lines
  • Hellcat Rear Sump Oil Pan Conversion Kit
  • Hellcat Jeep Oil Filter Adapter Kit w/ Oil Cooler
  • Hellcat Jeep Exhaust Manifold Kit
  • Hellcat Engine Cradle Kit w/ Motor Mounts
  • Hellcat Starter
  • Hellcat Cold Air Intake Kit
  • Hellcat Power Steering Cooler w/ Fluid Supply Lines
  • Hellcat Auxiliary Fuel Pump Kit w/ Fuel Lines, Regulator and Fuel Filter
  • Hellcat Smooth Boost Valve Controller (Boost Adjustability)
  • Hellcat Aluminum Radiator
  • Hellcat Supercharger Cooling Stack w/ Intercooler, Bosch High Flow Pump, Coolant Reservoir and fluid supply lines.
  • Hellcat Stainless Steel 3.5" Complete Exhaust System w/ Federally Compliant Catalytic Converters and Muffler
  • Hellcat Powertrain Control Module w/ Proprietary Engine Calibration
  • Security Gateway Bypass Module w/ Complete Body Control Accessibility
  • Hellcat Windshield Washer Jug w/ Pump Harness
  • Hellcat Jeep Powertrain Harness
  • Hellcat Jeep Transfer Case Input Support Housing